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Programme Outcomes

Students in the Power systems Engineering Programme should at the time of their graduation be in possession of the following:

PO1: Ability to analyze, synthesize, discriminate and evaluate the existing and new knowledge so as to integrate the same for enhancement in the field of Power Systems Engineering 
PO2: Ability to apply intellectual and creative knowledge for conducting wide area of research and solve complex engineering problems critically and independently 
PO3:Ability to find optimal solutions for power system engineering problems in consideration with safety, societal and environmental factors 
PO4: Ability to apply scientific and technological knowledge to more applications of power system engineering by analyzing and interpreting the data 
PO5: Ability to exemplify modern engineering and IT tools to solve complex powersystem engineering 
PO6: Ability to perform group activities and interdisciplinary environment to achieve common goals 
PO7: Ability to demonstrate knowledge and manage projects efficiently considering economic and financial factors 
PO8: Ability to communicate with the engineering community and society  assertively so as to contribute effectively
PO9: Ability to engage in life-long learning independently, with a high level of passion and proficiency
PO10: Ability to acquire professional ethics and intellectual integrity to contribute to the community for sustainable development of society
PO11: Ability to perceive critically the outcomes of one’s actions and make corrective measures   subsequently and learn from mistakes independently