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ME(Thermal Engg.) . Ph.D.,MISTE.,
Current Designation: 
Assistant Professor(Sr.Grade)
Mechanical Engineering
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Dr. Ramesh Kasimani, M.E., Ph.D.,

83, GCT Quarters, Thadagam road, Coimbatore

 +91-9600458444  | dr_ramesh@live.com

Professional Profile

Leading teacher and researcher with a 16-year academic career producing powerful learning opportunities for higher education. Versatile and effective educator in higher education. Recognized for teaching excellence based on technical, research, and design fundamentals – recognized as Outstanding Professor by students during NBA Accreditation in Government College of Technology - the Best College in Tamilnadu, India.  


Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                                       2 nd August 2013

Anna University, Chennai-25.

Master of Engineering (Thermal Engineering)                                                            June 2005

Anna University, Chennai,

Government College of Engineering, Salem-11,

 Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)                                                 April 1998

Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore,

Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore-13. 

Teaching Experience

 Assistant Professor of Mechanical engineering.

Government College of Technology, Coimbatore- 13.

      2005 - Present

Assistant Professor of Mechanical engineering.                                                                                                                                                                           2001-2005 

Government College of Engineering, Salem- 11.                                                                      

Assistant Professor of Mechanical engineering.                                                                                                                                                                           1999-2001

Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan engineering College, Tiruchirapalli.                                             


Service to the profession

Member, Board of Studies.

Class Advisor, Post-Graduation Course.

Superintendent, Hostel management.

Counsellor, Student Community

In-Charge, Vehicle management

In-Charge, Thermal engineering Laboratory 

Member,Inspection committee for affiliation,Anna university,Chennai-25.




A lecture on “Heat transfer”,

Dhanalakshmi College of engineering, Tiruchirapalli.


PAPERS Published

  1. Ramesh, K., Alwarsamy, T. and Jayabal, S. “ANN prediction and RSM optimization of cutting process parameters in boring operations using impact dampers,” Journal of Vibro Engineering, ISSN 1392-8716, Vol. 14 , No.3, pp.1160-1175, 2012
  2. Ramesh, K. and Alwarsamy, T. “ Investigation of modal analysis in the stability of boring tool using double impact dampers -model development ”, European Journal of Scientific Research , ISSN 1450 - 216X  Vol. 80 , No.2, pp.182-190, 2012.
  3. Ramesh, K.,  Alwarsamy, T. and Jayabal, S. “Investigation of chatter stability in boring tool and Tool wear prediction using   neural network,” International Journal of Materials and Product Technology, Vol. 46, No.1, pp.47-70 2013.
  4. Ramesh, K., Alwarsamy, T. and Jayabal, S. “Prediction of Cutting Process Parameters in Boring operations using Artificial Neural Network,” Journal of Vibration and Control, 2012. (Published Online in July 2013)
  5. Ramesh, K., Kirubadurai,B.  “Heat transfer analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger using silicon nitride-water Nano fluid,” International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 03, No.04, pp.33-38 April 2014.
  6. Ramesh, K., Vivek,D.  “Optimization of the cutting Responses in Boring Operation Using Response Surface Methodology,” International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, Vol. 03, No.05, May 2014.
  7. C.Suresh.,K.Ramesh,V.Paramaguru."Aerodynamic performance analysis of an non-planar C-wing using CFD  ,"Aerospace Science and Technology(Elsevier),ISSN1270-9638 ,Vol.40,pp.56-61(2015)




  1. National conference on “Recent trends in materials, manufacturing and design”, Government College of engineering, Salem.

                                                                           CONFERENCES PRESENTED



  1. Ramesh K, “Investigation of transient analysis in the stability of boring tool using double impact dampers -model development, ”2nd International conference on Production and Industrial Engineering,(CPIE),held during 03-05 December, 2010 at Dr.B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandar, Punjab, India.




  1. Ramesh K, Alwarsamy T and Vinoth R, “Investigation of harmonic analysis in the stability of    boring tool using double impact dampers -model development,” National conference on Advances in Design and Manufacturing (ADAM-2010), held during 19-20 April 2010 at VLB Janakiammal College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
  2. Ramesh K and Alwarsamy T, “Investigation of transient analysis in the stability of boring tool using impact dampers -model development, ” National conference on Advancements and Futuristic Trends in  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, held during 12-13 November 2010 at Ganpati Institute of Technology and Management, Bilaspur, Haryana, India.
  3. Ramesh K and Charles B, “Wear Performance Evolution of SiC filled epoxy Composites”, National Conference on Intelligent Automation in Manufacturing and Automotive Technologies, held during April 2011 at Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
  4. Ramesh K and Esakkiraja K, “Investigation of Chatter Stability in Boring Operations using Polymers as Impact Dampers” National Conference on Latest Techniques in Mechanical Engineering, held during March 2012 at K.Ramakrishnan College of Engineering, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India.

Research Activity

 Research Topics

  1. Vibration and Analysis in machining operations
  2. Investigation of performance characteristics in a Direct Injection compression Ignition Engine using Biodiesel blend.

 Directed Research Topics

  1. Studies on cutting responses in boring operations using impact dampers



Solid waste management and Industrial pollution control,

Government College of technology, Salem.

Renewable energy sources,

Government College of technology, Salem.



Strategies for world class manufacturing,

Government College of technology, Coimbatore.



Fundamental and advanced topic on Total productive maintenance and strategic maintenance and quality engineering,

PSG College of technology, Coimbatore.

Contemporary issues in engineering and technology,

Government College of technology, Coimbatore.

AutoCAD level I,

Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.

Thrust areas in engineering and technology,

Government College of technology, Coimbatore.




Reverse engineering applications,

Government College of technology, Coimbatore.

Intellecctual property and innovation management in knowledge era,

Government College of technology, Coimbatore.

Computer aided manufacturing,

National institute of technical teachers’ training and research, Chandigarh.

Orientation programme for newly recruited engineering college lecturers,

Technical teachers’ training institute, Chennai.

Non-Conventional energy sources,

National institute of technical teachers’ training and research, Chennai.


                                                                    FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES ATTENDED


Language use in Classroom communication,

Government college of Technology, Coimbatore.


Intelligent vehicle initiatives,

PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.


Engine electronics and Alternate fuels,

Annamalai University, Annamalai nagar.


Graphical system design using LABVIEW,

Government College of technology, Coimbatore


Computing techniques in Electrical systems and control,

Government College of technology, Coimbatore


Nano materials – synthesis characterization and engineering applications,

Institute of road and transport technology, Erode


Vibration and tribology related issues in industrial scenario,

Government College of technology, Coimbatore


Effective communication in engineering classrooms,

Government College of Technology, Coimbatore


Recent advancements in virtual instrumentation and embedded system design,

Government College of Technology, Coimbatore.




  • Engineering graphics
  • Operations research
  • Resource management techniques
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Thermal engineering
  • Design of condensers, evaporators, and cooling towers      
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Combustion in engines
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Advanced heat transfer
  • Automobile engineering
  • Engineering metallurgy
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Design of heat exchangers
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Supercharging and scavenging
  • Advanced engineering fluid dynamics
  • Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Manufacturing and Testing of IC engines and its Components
  • Solar Energy and Wind Energy
  • Engineering Thermodynamics



  • Advanced engineering fluid mechanics
  • Bio-Energy conservation
  • Alternative fuels for IC engines
  • Advanced gas dynamics and space propulsion 





  • ISTE, International Society for Technology in Education
  • IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • SAE, Society of Automotive Engineers




Father Name                         :          Mr. G.Kasimani

Mother Name                       :          Ms. K.Jeyamani

Mother’s Maiden Name     :           Ms.Jeyamani Sinniah

Spouse Name                      :          Ms.I.Aarthi

Daughter's Name                :          Ms.R.Aparna

Alternate Email Id               :           ramsonic20202@yahoo.co.in




1. Dr.A.Ramachandran,


    Department of Climate Change and Adaptation,

    Anna University, Chennai-600 025.

    Tamil Nadu, India.


2. Dr.V.Selladurai,


   Coimbatore Institute of Technology,

   Coimbatore-641 014.

   Tamil Nadu, India.


3. Dr.T.Alwarsamy,

   Liaison Officer,

   Directorate of Technical Education,

  Chennai 600 025

  Tamil Nadu, India.


  I declare the information provided in this curriculum vitae are true and is provided to the best of my knowledge. The original documents that will be produced for your verification will testify the genuineness of this curriculum vitae.


Date   : 21 Nov' 2014

Place  :  Coimbatore, India